Trees. We certainly have enough of them in Cheat Lake and they add to the beauty of our community.

There are times when they need attention due to storm damage, decay, or branches resting on your home. The owner of Tristate Tree Service wants you to know he’s right here in Cheat Lake, ready to help.

It wasn’t too long ago that Andrue Csutoros graduated from University High. He grew up around here and worked on a farm outside of Morgantown, cutting down trees and splitting wood to help heat the home of a neighbor. His experiences on the farm led to the idea of starting a tree service. In 2020, with the help of some knowledgeable friends and family, he began the process of applying for certifications and contractors’ licenses in WV and PA.

Soon after that, Tristate Tree Service and Firewood was up and running. Tristate offers most aspects of tree and bush services; tree removal and tree trimming are the most requested. Andrue and his crew also handle the topping of trees; storm damage and general yard cleanup; bush and tree planting; and total landscape removals of front and back yards. Tristate can handle tree limb cabling to keep larger limbs in place, providing support and preventing the limb from growing over a structure.

As for stump removal, Andrue explained, “We work with another company due to the effectiveness of their business, and it helps
make the job go more smoothly for our customer.”

Customer-service-wise, Andrue prides himself on a quick response time for estimates via photos or in-person. Also, he reaches out to customers for reviews on previous jobs so he can show potential customers the results of Tristate’s services.

“The number one compliment we’ve received is the fact that we respond very quickly to phone calls or texts regarding estimates,” Andrue noted. “We try to get your job done as soon as possible so everyone can move on with their busy schedules.” What advice does Andrue have for Cheat Lake residents?

“With the age of many trees in neighborhoods such as Imperial Woods, they become too large so please be aware of growth towards your house
or other structures. Also, look for signs of cracking throughout the tree or decay in certain sections or at the base of the tree. The most common issues we see in this area are wind twist cracking of trees or uprooting from being so top-heavy.”

***Originally published in Cheat Lake Life Above The Ordinary